Top Reasons Why Melbourne Should Be the First City on Your Travel Itinerary

Finally, you have managed to save enough to sponsor your tour around Australia, but don’t know where to start? Here are some of the top reasons why Melbourne should be the first city to start with.


If you have never been to Melbourne before, you should know that it’s one of the well-established cities Australia has. The city is not only Australia’s best, but it also stands neck and neck with global attractions, like London, Tokyo, New York City, etc. The city boasts of a modern infrastructure that includes malls, shopping complex, laneways, amusement parks and everything else that you need to party and have fun with your friends out there.


Melbourne is well-regarded for its wonderful air, road and railway connectivity. The city is well connected to its suburbs as well as highways that lead to other major Australian cities. The roads are well-built and always endowed with maxi taxi Melbourne service for your cheaper travels to and from the airport or anywhere else. You may also book a cab in Melbourneat a reasonable price and travel in style and comfort to your destinations within or beyond the city’s periphery. If you’re planning to roam around the outskirts, a Dandenong taxi service should fit the bill.


Melbourne is home to various tourist attractions that attract tourists not only from across Australia but also from all over the world. You may visit Great Ocean Road to enjoy various activities, like parachuting, surfing, bird watching or simply take a walk around to spend your evening. For shopaholics, Queen Victoria Market is perfectly positioned in a historic setting to give you a unique shopping experience. Further, there are art museums across Melbourne that will let you marvel at some of the great artistic work by aborigines. The options are endless if you look closely at the city’s map.

Various Options

While you are in Melbourne, there are various other destinations you can head to. You have Adelaide to the North-West and big cities, like Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane on the eastern coastline. You can also fly to Tasmania to the south and enjoy the scenic beauty and other adventurous activities this island has in store for you.

Culinary Tour

If culinary tour takes your fancy, then Melbourne is the place to visit to satiate your taste buds altogether. Being a wonderful food destination, Melbourne has something for everyone. Whether you love sea food and meat or simply vegetarian, the high-street restaurants and food corners across the city will never disappoint you.

Sports Events

Melbourne hosts various sports events, including Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis and more. If you want, you could plan your tour around your favourite sporting events which were to take place in Melbourne. Tickets will be easily available if you plan ahead of time, but if you are leaving everything to last minute, you may have to go back crying.

Fashion Capital

Melbourne hosts two fashion shows ever year and thus attracts fashion aspirants from across the globe in great numbers. If you’re among those who seek inspiration and opportunities in fashion, Melbourne should be your ideal pick from the lot of other major Australian cities.


If you have time and budget spared for only one Australian city, it has to be Melbourne. The city offers the zest of oceans and luxury of great infrastructure and well-established transportation network. You have access to various other cities and islands and you can even easily fly to any part of the world from Melbourne International Airport.

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