Top 5 Ways to Save Money for Your 30s

More often than not, a person gets married by the age of 30, and with this comes the burden of responsibilities. Even if you do not have any plans to get hitched by then, there are certain assets you will want to build for a secure future. Therefore, it is important that you must ensure your financial stability before turning 30 so that most of your responsibilities meet their befitting solution without fail. Here are some smart ways you can start saving from your mid 20s onwards without compromising comfort:

Choose Your Mode of Transportation Wisely

While most individuals manage to save enough for the down payment of a car by the time they turn 27, they add up to their liabilities more than what they think. They buy a personal vehicle at this stage only to realize that most of their income is going towards monthly EMI and maintenance of the vehicle. The smartest you can do is put off the idea of buying your own vehicle and commute via public transport or Taxi with Baby Seat for occasional travelling needs. There are silver cabs in Melbourne that you can hire for cheap and save a great deal on your travel expenses.

Assign a Budget to Everyday Purchases

If you are living alone, in a different city as your hometown, you are likely indulge in everyday purchases – while some of them may be necessary, others are just burning a hole in your pocket. For example, if you are a smoker, a pack of cigarette will cost you $26, and you must realize the appropriate stretch at which your pack should be consumed. Also, keep an amount aside for parties with friends or going on a date with your girlfriend. Having everything sorted will help you know the extra amount you’re shelling out of your pocket every month. The more informed you are, the better will be your ability to save.

Food Expenses

Most individuals who are working 9 to 5 often feel the urge to skip their mid-day meal or have snacks instead. Either of these should not be the case in an ideal world. You can always carry a lunch prepared by yourself to save unnecessary expenses and at the same time, enjoy home-cooked meal. If you are fond of eating meat, you can have it on alternate days. This will give you the dose you need whilst maintaining your fondness by not making meat part of your everyday meal.

Clothing and Stuff

If you know that you can take good care of your clothes, you should consider investing a little extra in quality clothes, which can go a long way without losing their shine and newness. On the other hand, if you are ‘happy go lucky’ kind of person, you should buy inexpensive clothes to keep yourself from wasting money every now and then.


There are miscellaneous expenses that may not come to your notice individually but when put together, they can surprise you with how much they are taking out from your potential savings. For instance, if you are a fitness freak, you should always try to search cheap fitness centres, as shelling out extra money on luxurious amenities won’t take you anywhere. It’s the equipment that would count and not the environment or lavish facilities at your disposal.


If you stay focused and determined to save for your future, nothing should stop you from achieving your objectives. Saving is important. At this stage, you might feel a little disappointed by giving up on luxuries but trust me, it’s going to be worth the efforts. If you know someone who must read this article, share it with them to show that you care.

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