How Silver Cab Services eased the life style of many in the age of extreme hustle in Melbourne

If you have ever travelled with silver cabs than you must be aware of that we identified personally every consumer’s discomfort with hailing a taxi, including driver’s behaviour, payment method, chasing down a taxi on a street or calling and waiting half an hour for car , safety – and addressed each one to provide you better services in all way possible.

What you might not know that in major city like Melbourne, cabs service has regulated and service provider do not focus on background of driver at the time of hiring but we make sure that they should not have any criminal record in the past or any complaint registered related to driving and these checks continues throughout the year by taking personal feedback from our customers.

Unlike other cab services we provide you one more benefit of booking flexibility; we don’t have any cancellation charges and you can make next booking any time without any hustle.

We offer you luxurious cab with all the comfort and also provide you vehicle according to your travel need at very affordable cost. By providing you best possible services in all the way possible we have become a classic example among cab services by creating a simple clean environment for both the customer and the driver by balancing our work in perfect harmony.

Ours drivers are fully accredited by CPV (commercial passenger vehicle) and hold commercial DC (driver certification).

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